Twisted Thinking

You know when you just want to be allowed to have a proper good, solid moan? It’s been building up inside for a while and, finally, you get the opportunity to let it all out. Oh my. There. I said it…But wait, what’s that? Your chosen pair of ears also has a mouth, and they’re … Continue reading Twisted Thinking

The New Year: Whether you like it or not

There is a great divide when it comes to The New Year. There are those that think it is inane, a day like any other, not to be celebrated or even pondered upon. Today is Saturday tomorrow is Sunday; and what. And those that make an occasion of it, set goals and start new things. … Continue reading The New Year: Whether you like it or not

With Friends Like These

It’s officially BLOODY COLD. That time of year when getting out of bed/the shower/the front door becomes one of the top 7 hardest things you’ll do all day. Where you’re constantly in fear that you haven’t got enough layers on and where it’s possible to go a good few days without ever seeing sunlight. At … Continue reading With Friends Like These

What I Think About When I Think About Training

Type ‘Training tips’, ‘How to run a half marathon’, ‘How do I improve my 5k time?’ into Google, and you’ll be presented with reams and reams of information. Plans, tips, routines you can do at home or in the gym, things you can consume to make you train longer and harder, ways to make you … Continue reading What I Think About When I Think About Training

Buy Buy…Bye

It’s no secret that there’s a correlation between deciding to take up cycling and your bank account looking decidedly less healthy. Unlike many other sports, where you might need a certain type of shoe, some technical clothing and to pay for entry fees, with cycling you (obviously) need the bike too. So now you’re buying … Continue reading Buy Buy…Bye